order process

1 | Selection

Select your preferred design that reflects your aesthetic and style of your wedding.
Chose the components of your wedding suite, the numbers you will need for each, your paper and colour preferences.
Think if you need any extras like information cards, a wedding map or digital printing of envelopes.

2 | Letterpress or Hotfoil?

Decide if you want classic Letterpress print or metallic Hotfoil print and choose the preferred printing technique when placing your order. Select your chosen quantity, make sure to include a few extras for back-up, we suggest about 5-10 pieces.

3 | The Details

Once you finalise your order a form will pop up and you can define the details of your order. Choose a printing colour from our list, envelope colours and decide the font styles you want to use. Please state your names and wedding date on the form as well.
In case you change idea or you are still deciding on colour combinations, do not worry as we will send you a more precise questionnaire via Email within a couple of days of your order to confirm all the details of your suite.

4 | Ready to Start

You finished your order? Within approx. 5 working days we will get back to you with our detailed questionnaire. Here you can insert your texts and confirm all the details of your order (printing colour/envelope colour/font styles). We are happy to help you in case you have any doubts or need support with your invite texts.
If your package includes illustrations, we will ask you to send us names, place and pictures of your location and your preferred view of the building.
Within approx. 10 working days (or upon individually agreed timeline with you) after we received your compiled questionnaire back we will send you a PDF file with a preview of your suite.

5 | Fine-Tuning & Corrections

All our Semi Custom packages include one round of corrections to perfect your print product. In case you will use this, you will get a corrected version and preview for final approval. Further corrections that are not included in the package price will be invoiced separately.

6 | Production

After you final approval we need approx. 2-4 weeks to complete printing and assembly of your suite. After that we will send your order off to you!

Letterpress print

A type of relief printing that produces a debossed impression of the design on to the paper, allowing you to feel the letters and illustrations on the paper.
Everything we Letterpress print is made on our Heidelberg Stellas from the 1950ies, printing each sheet one by one. For Letterpress printing we use liquid inks, that we mix by hand using the Pantone colour system. Allowing us a huge selection of colour shades and beautiful opaque colours. We can also deboss without colour (it also counts as a colour because it is a separate printing round). A light colour on dark paper will not create great results due to the fact that the printing inks are slightly transparent. Letterpress is at it’s most beautiful when printed in a darker shade than the paper colour and preferably on light coloured papers.

Hotfoil print (Metallic)

A type of relief printing, similar to letterpress, but this method uses foil, which is perfect for metallic colors and for printing on darker papers as foils are also available in white. The foil is completely covering and the paper colour is not visible underneath. Our Hotfoil prints are made on our Heidelberg Stellas from the 1950ies with a modern add-on for metallic foils, printing each sheet one by one.

Digital print

In addition to our Letterpress- & Hotfoil printing we offer digitally printed envelopes with your guest addresses. In this type of printing a flat colour application is printed onto the paper. We are producing all our digital prints in collaboration with a local printer to best match colours from our prints to the digital print. As printing colours are not completely covering in digital print we only print on light to medium coloured envelopes. The print colour has to be darker than the envelope colour. We cannot print digitally on navy, burgundy and ebony coloured envelopes. For these envelopes we suggest to use calligraphy with metallic inks that work really well on dark envelope colours. Please send us an Email with your quantity and we can give you a precise quote.

Paper options

  • 700 gram cotton stock: available in ivory white
    Soft, fluffy paper from France with a smooth surface.
    Match it with our ivory envelopes for a tone-in-tone combination or add accents with our coloured envelopes.

  • 350 gram cotton stock: available in ivory white
    Soft, fluffy paper from France with a smooth surface.
    Match it with our ivory envelopes for a tone-in-tone combination or add accents with our coloured envelopes.

  • 340 gram handmade cotton stock: available in creamy white
    Soft handmade Italian paper, with a delicate surface structure.
    All cards in this paper are finished off with hand-deckled edges.
    Match it with our coloured envelopes for stunning results.

Carte_Semi Custom.jpg

envelope colours

We have ivory and coloured envelopes to combine with our print products.
All envelopes have a deep backflap, peel and seal closure and a light “Carissimo Letterpress” logo emboss on the backside.

Buste colorate_Semi Custom_new.jpg

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